Thursday, August 20, 2015

Scrap Central Clubhouse: The Nickel Tour

So several of you have been aware that we downsized -- sold the house, bought smaller house, living in apartment until said smaller house is done. That's instant chaos, with a small serving of emotion, and a side order of excitement. Looking long term at Scrap Central 2.0 has been the hardest part of it all...Oh, wait...being in the apartment in between with no cabinets is actually the hardest part....Oh, wait...trying to do anything in the apartment that will be part of the long term solution is the hardest part. Yes, that's it!

I have spent some considerable time on Pinterest in the last 60 days. So many ideas out there. I have been looking in particular for Scrap Central 2.0 inspiration, and have found some great ideas. One idea just blew me away and I shared this idea below for an addition to Scrap Central with some friends. {This new house will, after all, be the house that PEN-Terest built. :78: } This idea is found in this blog post.

So I had to go from this below, on move-in day, to an organized chaos, getting my space ready for the Hemnes dresser from Ikea to be added underneath my 4x4 Expedit from Ikea, as per the above inspiration. Now, my Scrap Central - Clubhouse space is actually in the "dining room" of the 1200 s.f. apartment. Dining rooms are overrated, yes? When we found this apartment, I knew immediately this space would "work" just fine for the 7 months we are here. Bonus, I can see the TV, and my husband, and almost all of the living space in the apartment, ;-) from my scrap chair. 

^Move In Day
11 boxes of albums to unpack and 10 boxes of scrap supplies
I felt like having more boxes of albums than supplies was a win.

^ Day 3 of living here...iMac still in the box...

Hubby and my son ran to Ikea on one of hubbies' days off - Thursday. {At my Ikea, the Hemnes dresser I have is $249.} And my beloved youngest darling son built this Hemnes dresser for me in just over 5 hours on Saturday before heading to Paris Monday...and I get to smile as I recall that each time I use it.  It was a fun day, just he and I home, and we watched Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and about 1/3 of Sky Fall while he built it. He finished it before we finished the third movie. He worked on building it - so strong and so patient - and I sat here in my chair and actually scrapped on a layout as part of a Challenge...and it was bliss for me to be here scrapping, with him right there "next to me" building the dresser.

My boy, hard at work. I am so proud of him because he did this without any mistakes and was very patient and fastidious - and perfect! - with it!! Boy, was his dad happy when he came home from work and found out it was all done!

And so I took Monday night to Wednesday night to unpack the final four boxes of supplies and get them sorted out and figure out what went into the closet and what went into the dres. I am fairly excited about this space. I think it is a great working spaced and it will be just perfect over the next 6 1/2 months!

The view from the living room to Scrap Central.

The Hemnes+Expedit Duo in its glory
6 Stamp 'n Storage paper cubes in the center are the foundational grid, 
and hold all of my Bazzill card stock.
Cropper Hopper paper holders on the left and right handle my patterned paper.
Binders at top left and right hold stamps.
Binders on bottom right hold sticker sheets from collections.
Class binders and idea books and small alphas are also on the bottom row.

A broader angle - showing my Michael's project cart and how it all bumps up against a 2x4 Expedit.

The view from the side.
I grabbed a Kensington keyboard drawer for my iMac to extend my keyboard and trackpad out for better ergonomics.

A broader side angle, picking up the Alex drawer which now doubles as a trimmer home.

A feel for how Scrap Central plays into the living area of the apartment.
Yes - I will be able to "watch" football with the hubs while scrapping!

One more angle of my Scrap Central Clubhouse creating space.

I am really ready to craft here! The apartment is very nearly completely settled, save my winter clothes, but who needs winter clothes anyway! ;-) The "coat closet" is another key to my success here. I *wish* all of my scrap stuff would fit into this space shown above, but, alas, I have a *few* more things. 

The coat closet is large enough to actually hold two more Expedits - a 2x4 on the right side and a 2x2 on the left, that has just a few Iris cases stacked on top. I snapped some photos of the closet. Forgive the lowlight. The apartment seems to have bad lightbulbs everywhere and I need to work on that. I am going to just load the photos I shot of the closet and let you figure it out. ;-) It does need a little more organization, but it is all in there for now, and I know where what I need is when I need it. 

And if you can swing the Ikea Hemnes dresser go for it! Very durable and its solid wood. And it holds a ton! I went with the white stained one and it seems like a great pairing so far! Ith holds so much that I did snap some quick photos of the drawer contents! I think you just might be amazed at how much it holds. And the main thing is that an Iris case CAN fit inside it if you want. Key for me in the long term. Right now, though, Hemnes is mainly handling embellishments that formerly lived in my antique hardware cabinet, and some things that lived in my built-in cabinets (small paper pads and embossing and stamping stuff....)

These photos are left to right order, starting at the top row of 4 smaller drawers, and working down to the two deepest drawers on the bottom:

Solid Brads.

Buttons and extra adhesive.

Washi tape that lives on top of the buttons.

Kraft embellishments and my label maker.
{See the glimpse of the fun gray stripe pattern on the drawer bottoms?!}

Designer Brads and some errant Punches.

Inks and stamp supplies and pens.

Journaling cards, embossing supplies, chipboard, my Evolution.

6x6 and 8x8 pads and twine and some roller date stamps.

Various embellishments stored loosely in Ziploc bags.
These are those things you don't use often, but don't want to let go! 

Thanks for hanging with me this long! It has been a busy time to be sure getting all of this settled in. But, hopefully scrapbooking interrupted time is done and I can be cranking out the layouts here in Scrap Central Clubhouse soon!


  1. It looks great! Happy scrapping :)

  2. Fantastic tour of your temporary space! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. What a cozy spot! You'll look back fondly on it, that I am sure of. Love the dresser and Expedit combo! I am storing that away for later ;) And wowza, does that dresser hold a ton of stuff!

  4. So, Penny, you are coming to NH to go to Ikea with me and help me set up my space when I go through this next month, right? Right? :) Thanks for sharing, these are wonderful ideas for going to a smaller scrap space!